This office is the custodian of city records, which include City Council meeting records (i.e., communications, resolutions, ordinances, meeting minutes, contracts, petitions), warranty deeds and insurance policies for city owned property, Electrical, Plumbing, and Contractor Bonds, Board and Commission meeting minutes, and more. The Clerk’s office receives and files Statements of Financial Interest from the Mayor, City Attorney, City Clerk and Treasurer, Aldermen and Municipal Judges annually. Petitions requesting speed humps are filed with the clerk, who forwards a copy to the council members and the Traffic Services Director. Records in this office date back to the late 1800's. As keeper of the records, staff reads through daily periodicals and maintains information pertaining to North Little Rock.

The Clerk’s Office receives and files legislation from the City Attorney for City Council meetings and prepares the agenda and other related documentation.

The City Clerk maintains the records for all city boards, commissions, and committees. A copy of the minutes from the meetings of these boards, commissions, and committees are required by ordinance to be filed in the clerk’s office. Personal information forms for new members are provided by the clerk.

The City Clerk and Treasurer's Office is accountable for more than $125,000,000 annually. Most of the funds are deposited through individual departments. The clerk’s office prepares a daily report, which verifies deposit transactions for those departments. This report also includes line items where funds are posted.

We collect payments for monthly Mixed Drink taxes, Beer and Liquor taxes, fees collected for animal adoption, and traffic and criminal court fines, and Community Development payments and other miscellaneous revenue. Drainage Escrow funds which pay for sidewalks, curbs and gutters, are collected and held until development is completed in the affected area.

Our office prints annual Business License/Privilege Renewal Invoices which are mailed December 31. Business owners have until March 31 to renew their license without penalty. A second notice is mailed if necessary during the second week of March. Licenses postmarked or received after March 31 are considered delinquent and assessed a 25% penalty. Licenses renewed after July 1 are assessed a 50% penalty. Staff also provide onsite visits to review the nature of a business operating and to verify if proper licensing is in place. The North Little Rock Police and Code Enforcement Departments handle the massive task of verifying that businesses operating within the city have a current license. Business Licenses are to be posted in an area easily viewed by the public.  Every person conducting busines in the city (of any kind) is required to have a license.

Mixed Drink taxes are due in our office by end of the month.  If received by the 20th, the business is eligible for a 2% discount.  A 10% penalty is assessed on late payments.

As you can see, North Little Rock City Departments work together to provide the best service available to our community. Our office works close with the Mayor’s Staff, City Attorney, Finance Department, Police and Fire Department, Animal Control, and more.