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Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have always had a place in Burns Park. There are many opportunities for Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects.

When selecting a project in Burns Park, or any one of our other parks, you need to choose a project based on your interest(s) and its benefit to the park. We have a selection of projects to choose from, but it is not a exhaustive list. If you have a different project in mind, contact us to discuss it. Once you decide on a project or concept for a project, please complete the Concept Form and return it to us.

Potential Projects
  • Reblaze Yellow Trail from Burns Park to Pfeifer Loop Trail
  • Install benches along trails (Arkansas River Trail, White Oak Bayou Trail, Pfeifer Loop Trail, Green Trail, Red Trail)
  • Create food plots for the deer population in Burns Park and/or Campbell Lake Park
  • Directional and Distance Signage along trails (Yellow Loop Trail, Red Loop Trail, Green Loop Trail, etc.)
  • Eradicate invasive non-native plant species near trails and trailheads
  • Armor drainage/springs that hold water on the trails
  • Upgrade trailheads and amenities
  • Tree and plant identification along certain trails (there are three trails in Burns Park that need this)
  • Tree and plant identification at the Old Mill
  • Upgrade the spur trail to the State Championship Nutmeg Hickory tree by the covered bridge
  • Update/Upgrade the Wildlife Observation Area along the Green Loop Trail
  • Other ...
Previous Projects
  • Creation and Installation of a Junior Disc Golf Course
  • Two Pavilions at the Soccer Complex along the Arkansas River Trail
  • Elevated Walkway across a creek on the Green Loop Trail near the Group Camping Area
Contact and Form

Jeff Caplinger - Special Projects
501-791-8540 - [email protected]

Concept Form