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One Heart Playground | Laman Plaza Playground

There are multiple playground areas in our city parks, with most of them being accessible to everyone. Too often playgrounds are designed for the children to play without considering a child may have some impairments, or the parent may have some impairments and thus is unable to interact with their child. The playground should be usable by children with varying degrees of physical and sensory impairments and allow parents/grandparents with physical impairments to be able to interact with them. 
North Little Rock can boast that we have TWO inclusive playgrounds within our city making us NLR PROUD. One is located in Burns Park and the other is beside the Laman Library.

One Heart Playground in Burns Park

EmmaOne Heart Logo

One Heart Playground was inspired by Emma Wasson. Emma was born with a congenital heart defect and Turner Syndrome. Through her difficult journey of hospital stays, surgeries, treatments, and medications, Emma always found JOY in the midst of hardship. You can find her smiling and singing almost every single day! Emma changed her parents’ life and hearts in ways that are unexplainable. One Heart Playground demonstrates some of the ways Emma has inspired her parents, friends, family, strangers, and the North Little Rock Parks and Recreation staff. You are born with “one heart”. Emma’s heart was born injured, and since we are blessed with a whole heart, we owe it to ourselves to keep it healthy and improve our quality of life. To find out more about Emma, you can follow her on Facebook at Totally Emma.

The playground was funded with help from generous funders, our Tip-Off Club Luncheon, and various North Little Rock city departments. It opened September 14, 2017. Since then we have added benches and shade structures. In 2019, we extended the playground with additional swings, an inclusive merry-go-round, and other small features. We continue making small improvements like the addition of a communication board for those needing assistance in getting the voices heard. 

Laman Plaza Playground by the Laman Library

The Laman Plaza Playground has been built on the footprint of the old water fountain in Laman Plaza between the North Little Rock Community Center and the Laman Library and improves access to play for children with and without disabilities and teens from local low-income neighborhoods who use the William F. Laman Library as a community center. Renovations to the Laman Plaza provides the Laman Library and the North Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department more space to deliver safe community programs.  Laman Plaza is a destination for families by continuing to build our community across economic barriers and abilities. Families of all demographics can spend the day in North Little Rock going between the library and the park/playground for free. Accessible parking and entrances to Laman Plaza are available from parking lots on the east and west side of Laman Library. Accessible bathrooms are available in William F. Laman Library.

The Laman Plaza Playground was opened December 14, 2021.

Laman Plaza Playground

For more information about these playgrounds, contact 501-791-8538.